About us

About Dolly and Fred

Hi, I'm Jo.
I am an artist and designer with over 3 years experience running a wall art print business and working as a freelance graphic designer. I've helped companies bring their ideas to life by creating artwork that fits their brief and product needs. I design prints and stationery for children and love to create products that inspire and motivate children through positive affirmations combined with bright and bold colours.

My Mission

I believe that by creating bright and engaging spaces for children we can help families to build strong relationships. Simple yet bright and colourful decor catches the eyes of children and helps to spark conversation. 
I want to create a range of prints and other products to be used within the home that will encourage the development of children's language.
Cluttered spaces can become a distraction, so I want to ensure my artwork is clean and simple but still uses bright colours.

Who am I?

I started Dolly and Fred Designs after having my own children and finding joy in creating spaces for them that we all loved to be in. Before I had children I gained experience working in a variety of childcare settings and completed a degree in child development focusing on children's language development. This background and research that I carried out has helped  underpin the reason why I create the designs I do.

I am self taught and have completed many training courses including with Make it in Design as part of their 'designer in a year course bundle' and am a member of the 'Creative Powerhouse Society' continually learning to hone in my skills and develop my style.

Drawing and card making started as a hobby before it became a business venture. I love to be outdoors and take inspiration from the world around me.

My Journey

Over the last four years I have grown my business over on Etsy and have sold my prints and stationery designs to over 3000 customers worldwide. 
In 2020 I branched out into the freelance design business completing products designs for brands such as Crumbs by Collette and Toddle born wild. My relationship with Crumbs by Collette has gone from strength to strength and their products are now sold worldwide. 
In 2022 I decided to start branching out into the world of pattern design and am currently in the process of building up my portfolio ready to send out to prospective clients in the near future. You can find examples of my designs here.


 Client testimonial for dolly and fred designs sharing feedback on children's transport postcards Product review for safari bible verse wall art nursery print for dolly and fred designs Product review for Dolly and Fred's chritian safari prints purchased to be used in a church toddler group.


Dolly and Fred - Pink space landscape name wall art for nursery Dolly and Fred - Pink dinosaur affirmation prints set of 6 on the wall  Dolly and Fred - Transport name nursery print wall art with name in green