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The Season of Giving

I think if there is one thing in common for everyone this year, it's the fact that this year has been tough. We could argue over who found it hardest but that's not the point. In some way another we have all been affected by the coronavirus and the pandemic. I must admit, I feel like I've gotten off quite lightly but still, starting and building a business while home schooling and trying to move house hasn't been the easiest. Now its only a few weeks to go and we can all raise a glass and cheer that Christmas is upon us and 2020 will soon be behind us.

Homemade and handmade advent calender, cricut advent houses, kindness advent journey
This was the exciting advent calendar I made for Fred in 2018

Each year I try and plan something exciting and elaborate for my children to build on the excitement of Christmas, from homemade advent calendars to retelling the Christmas story day by day. This year, however, I feel exhausted by the thought of any sort of planning and creating. I’m taking a bit of an easier route with this one. I say that but there’s already a donkey, a donkey door and lots of props to go with it, the rest is still in the making!! 

Natvity story acted out through advent, Christian advent activities
In 2019 things got very exciting with the retelling of the nativity story throughout our advent journey!

One of the big things going around my head was the need to be kind to each other this year. With this in mind, I decided to create a kindness advent calendar to complete with my family. It can be so easy to become absorbed in the buying and receiving of presents we forget about the love, joy and peace that should be at the heart of this very important season. 

Christian advent calendar, kindness activity chart, downloadable kind advent calender
This is the kindness advent calendar I have created this year
Click the image to download the PDF

With all the heartache and pain going on in the world right now, I’ve decided to create my Kindness Advent Calendar.  This is available as a free download so that if you feel inspired you too can print it off and complete it with those around you. I’ve created a sheet of stars that you can cut out and use to cover each of the tasks as you complete them if you would like to. A nice bit of gluing and sticking for the kids here, or sticker paper works well too.

Free Downloadable and Printable Kindness Advent Calender
I've also created a version without the bible verses for those that would prefer it. Click the image to download it. 

Printable stars to cut out and use with the kindness advent calendar
Here's the free stars sheet to cut out and stick onto your advent calendar as you complete the tasks. Click on the image to download it.

I hope you all find this useful and enjoy joining in with spreading a bit of kindness during this very different season of advent. I’d love to see what you get up to so feel free to tag me on instagram if you would like to share your journey @dollyandfreddesigns.

Stay safe and enjoy finding the little moments that make you smile. 
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