How we create a sustainable business

How we create a sustainable business - Dolly and Fred Designs

Why do we need to be sustainable?

We love what we do here at Dolly and Fred, however, we are very conscious that to provide beautiful artwork for your homes means using up natural resources such as forests to create them. It’s quite simple, paper art prints need trees, yet deforestation is a big issue and a growing concern. Not only that but the packaging we use needs to protect your prints as they make their journey to you.

Our art prints promote love and celebrate family life and we want to keep those celebrations with our families going as long as possible, especially after this difficult year we have all faced with the current pandemic. That’s why we have made a pledge to be responsible with the products we provide, right from the start of the supply chain and the sourcing of materials, through to your product arriving on your doorstep.

What are we doing about  our impact on the world?

Over the last year we have been looking into our supply chains, what our materials are made from, how they are made and where they come from. We are proud to say we have reduced the plastic in our packaging down to almost 0%! It’s still very important to us that you receive a well-presented high-quality product, so we still wrap smaller prints in display bags. These display bags are made from vegetable starch and are fully compostable even using home composting systems. Another change we have made is to remove the plastic from our larger print order by using triangular tubes with cardboard ends.

 Sustainable packaging for art prints

We like to keep our promotional media to a minimum, but we know a little thank you note goes a long way. Any extra media we supply in our packaging is made from recycled paper and is designed to be reused by you, so go ahead and frame that little note.

Where possible we try and use FSC certified paper from our supplier and we are working on new ranges of paper that meet this accreditation. In the meantime, all of our prints are made to last using quality archival paper that is resistant to fading over time.

How are we giving back?

We know that creating art prints uses trees so we’re coming up with new ways to give back. One of these is to donate 25p from every sale to charities responsible for planting new trees, this way the impact of buying your product from us will still be seen long after it is finished with.

We are donating money from every sale to plant new trees

What’s next in our mission to reduce our envirnomental impact?

 We’re looking to expand our range and offerings over the next few years with more sustainable products that feature our art and ethos.

We’re also looking into different media types for our prints such as bamboo paper as an alternative to our current satin paper offering.


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