How to Choose the Perfect Sized Prints and Frames for Your Nursery

How to Choose the Perfect Sized Prints and Frames for Your Nursery


Welcome to our nursery decor guide, where we dive into the art of choosing the right sized prints and frames for your little one's special space. Discover how the size and scale of these decor pieces can truly transform the ambiance of the room into a cosy and charming haven for your baby.

Assess the Wall Space

Before diving into decorating mode, take a moment to assess the wall space in your nursery. Grab your measuring tape and get those dimensions down! Knowing your wall space will set the stage for the perfect arrangement of prints and frames that will bring joy to both you and your baby.

Wall art print ratio guide for showing sizes and scalability

Consider the Layout

Get creative with your layout! Explore the magic of symmetry, asymmetry, and balance when arranging your prints and frames on the nursery wall. Need some inspiration? We've got you covered with visual examples and handy diagrams to spark your imagination.

Choose Appropriate Sizes

Size matters! Learn how to choose the right sizes for your prints and frames based on your wall size and the aesthetic you're aiming for. Whether you're going for a single statement piece or a gallery wall extravaganza, finding the perfect sizes will make all the difference.

Set of 3 personalised mermids prints displayed next to a cot in a little girls nursery.

Scale with Furniture

Let's talk scale! Consider how the prints and frames complement the furniture in your nursery. Avoid overwhelming a small room with large prints or making small prints disappear on a vast wall. Finding that sweet spot will tie the room together beautifully.

Create Visual Interest

Unleash your creativity and mix things up! Experiment with different sizes, orientations, and styles of prints and frames to create visual interest in your nursery. Dive into the world of gallery walls or make a bold statement with a captivating focal piece.

Set of 6 patterned ocean animal prints arranged in defferent orientations to create a gallery wall

Leave Room for Growth

Think ahead! Remember to leave room for growth and future changes in your nursery decor. Opt for prints and frames that can easily adapt as your child grows, ensuring that your nursery remains a delightful space for years to come.

Consider Safety

Safety first! When hanging prints and frames in a nursery, make sure to securely anchor them to the wall. Keep heavy or breakable items out of reach of the crib or changing table to create a safe and nurturing environment for your little one.

Set of three pastel purple space bible verse prints in a childrens playroom


Choosing the right sized prints and frames for your nursery is a creative journey that can truly enhance the atmosphere of the room. Take your time, consider your options carefully, and craft a space that is both beautiful and functional for your child to thrive in.

Ready to adorn your nursery with delightful wall art? Explore our collection of nursery prints and frames to find the perfect pieces for your little one's haven. Share your own tips and experiences in the comments below – we'd love to hear from you!

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Daisy custom name print with bible verse and flowers surrounding the name.
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