How do you hang wall art in a baby’s nursery?

How do you hang wall art in a baby’s nursery? - Dolly and Fred Designs

The buzz and excitement of finding out that you are expecting a baby can easily become an overwhelming time. There is lots to prepare for including getting the nursery ready. Once you’ve ordered the furniture, chosen a theme and painted the wall it’s time to start thinking about the ways in which you want to decorate the walls. One of the best ways to personalise the space is to hang wall art prints. These prints allow you to add colour and character to your new little one’s room but can also stimulate their senses and imagination as they grow. But with so many different options out there what is the best way to hang them? Here are some tips to help guide you.

Choosing the right prints for a nursery

 Before you begin to think about getting the tools out to hang your prints, its important to make sure that you are choosing the best prints to fit your space. It’s important to consider the size of your space, making sure that the prints you choose won’t be too small that they get lost or too big that they over crowd the space. 

It is also essential that you consider what your space will be used for, is it just a calm sleepy space or will it also become a play space? Different styles of prints can change the atmosphere and feel of a room from calming to energetic, it’s important to get the right balance so that your baby can feel relaxed and settled or engaged and stimulated when they need to be.

Set of 3 farm animal prints with I am affirmations above them, hung next to a crin in ababies nursery

Preparing your Wall Art Prints

 Once you have chosen the size and style of prints that you are after, it’s time to prepare them for hanging. You will need to think about the frames you would like your prints to be put in and how you want them to sit on the walls.

 These days there are many different framing options available. One current trend is to use magnetic poster hangers, these provide less protection to the print itself but give you the versatility to change and move around different prints to keep your babies nursery refreshed as they grow. They are an easy option if you want to give your nursery a little freshen up as they grow into a toddler.

Other options include wooden or aluminium frames with either a glass or acrylic front in them. You can choose to go for a thinner frame which sits close to the wall or a boxier frame which would give a 3D effect to a space. Another thing to consider is the colour you would like for you frame and how they would sit within the space, my personal preference is white or natural frames however dark wood or black frames can look lovely depending on how the rest of the room is styled.

Deciding on where to put them

 There are many things to consider when deciding where you want to put your prints, you need to make sure that they are visually appealing and safe for your little one. If you are hanging anything above your little one’s cot, make sure that it is very securely attached to the wall and that there is no risk of the frame falling onto the baby. It might be a better option to choose a wall adjacent to the cot so that your child can look across the room towards the artwork.

You may decide that you don’t want to hang the prints but that a shelf placement is a better option for the look and feel that you are after. This is a nice touch if you choose frames that you would like to get down and look at closely, great for educational prints such as alphabet or number art.

Hanging Your Nursery Wall Art Prints

 Now that you have chosen your style of print, the frames and where you want to hang it it’s now time for the fun part – getting your prints up onto the wall! Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Lightly mark where you want each print to go on the wall.
  2. Use a spirit level to make sure that your prints are straight and if there is more than two that they are an equal distance apart.
  3. Either hammer the picture hooks or use adhesive strips (command strips are my favourite) if you are hanging lighter frames. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packet for your adhesive strips.
  4. Hang each print carefully making sure that it is fully secure and sitting on the hooks or adhesive before you let go.

Remember to always think about safety first! Make sure that the surface you are hanging your prints on can support the weight of the frames, if you are using adhesive strips check for bubbles under the paint’s surface too so that you can be sure that they are fastened securely.

Creating A Gallery Wall

If you choose to go with multiple smaller prints or add in some textured banners, why not create a gallery wall in your child’s nursery? This is a great way to showcase several pieces of art in one area with added visual interest and texture.

Start by laying out all the frames and décor pieces that you want to hang on the floor in front of the wall where they will hang. Play around with the layout until you have something that works well and that you are pleased with – there is no right or wrong way here it is all completely personal preference. 

Once you have decided on the arrangement for your frames, take measurements and transfer them to the wall using pencil measurements as a guide before you start hanging to make sure it looks good on the wall and the frames will be straight.

Bright ocean animal themed nursery prints hung in white frames on a gallery wall.

In conclusion

Hanging wall art prints in a nursery may seem daunting at first but with careful planning and preparation, it can be an enjoyable project that adds personality and charm to your baby's room. Remember to always prioritize safety when deciding on placement and ensure all frames are securely fastened onto walls.

Whether it’s bright and bold designs or more calming styles; large statement pieces or smaller gallery-style arrangements; these tips will help to make the journey to getting your little one’s nursery prepared a little bit easier and a lot more exciting.

Remember to have fun and trust the process!


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