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10 Exciting Gifts for Girls who love Dinosaurs in 2023

Do you have a little girl who is obsessed with dinosaurs just as much as my little one? Dinosaurs are everywhere these days, toys, clothing, parks, and museums it’s so hard not to love and find an interest in them. But just because you little girl loves dinosaurs doesn’t mean that they must be dark and boring, in a world where we are challenging gender stereotypes and promoting diversity it’s important to find those hidden gems that all children can enjoy.

This ultimate girl’s dinosaur gift guide is a great starting point! Whether your little girl is a budding palaeontologist or simply loves these prehistoric creatures, we’ve got you covered. From adorable plushies to eco-friendly toys, and everything in between, we ‘ve rounded up the best dinosaur-themed gifts that are sure to spark her imagination. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect gifts for your little dinosaur lover.

Personalised Nursery Prints

Décor for a child’s bedroom is a great way of personalising their room and creating a safe place for them to play and sleep in. As your little girl grows updating their nursery into a toddler room using products that fits their interests is a great place to start. This adorable pink dinosaur nursery print set is the perfect way to add a touch of fun and whimsy to your little one's room. The set includes three prints, featuring different dinosaurs in shades of pinks and purples. The prints are printed on high-quality paper and come ready to frame. They would make a great addition to any nursery or child's bedroom.

Memory Dinosaur

It can be a really hard time when your little girl starts to grow and those baby clothes that hold so many precious memories start to get too small. Instead of putting them all into a bag to sort out another day why not create something truly special out of them. Bella and Bear keepsakes can help you with just that, and with her special dinosaur memory bear you can create something that will be treasured by you and your little one for years to come. These memory dinosaurs are a great way to spark conversations with your children, telling them about the memories that each outfit holds and making up stories of the adventures your memory dinosaur goes on now that they get to wear them.

Magnetic dinosaur toys

This lovely dinosaur land magnetic set is a wonderful educational toy that allows your little one to explore their creativity. With a whole rainbow of dinosaur colours this set is bright, bold, and sure to capture the imagination of any budding little palaeontologist.

Cute Dinosaur Plushies

What child doesn’t love a cute plushie? This bright rainbow hearts dinosaur plushie is a gift any little girl is sure to love and treasure. With the opportunity to give this triceratops a name and birth certificate you can be sure that you are giving a gift that will be loved and treasured for years.

Dinosaur Themed Drawing Sets

Personalised gifts are such a good way of making a child feel special and loved, with this personalised name crayon set with dinosaurs you can be sure that you are giving a gift that will be well used and enjoyed. You can let your little girls creativity run wild with this set while they practice their drawing skills and learn colours at the same time as having fun.

Sun Catchers

Bring the beauty of dinosaurs to your little girl’s bedroom with this dinosaur sun catcher! Hang it in the window and watch as the vibrant design catches the light and creates a stunning display. Perfect for any dinosaur loving little girl who wants to add a touch of prehistoric charm to their space.

Dinosaur Writing Set

If you have a little one who just loves to get her pencils out and draw, then this dinosaur writing set could be the perfect gift. You can choose from a variety of different paper styles depending on their creative interests and the set comes with a set of stickers to make it a little bit more special. It’s a lovely little gift even for the most reluctant of writers who need that extra little encouragement to get pencil to paper.

Cute dinosaur bedding

This dinosaur bedding set with duvet cover and pillowcase provides a bright pop of colour into your little girl’s bedroom. There are many different items that will compliment this dinosaur set too, it’s a great base as a starting point for creating your little dino lover their dream bedroom.  

Wooden dinosaur toys

If you love your wooden toys, then you are going to love this Lanka Kade wooden dinosaur from The Little Fenland Eco Shop.  Made from recycled wood these toys provide so much open-ended play for your little one to enjoy. maybe it’s time for a dinosaur tea party or they are going to go for a visit into space, you can be sure that any little dinosaur fan is going to enjoy spending hours playing with these.

Dinosaur Door Sign

What better way to make your little dinosaur princess feel total special than by adding a personalised door sign to her bedroom door. Help to create a place that she feels secure and content in and that she knows is just for her and you can be sure to put a smile on her face. Great for promoting self-identity and learning to recognise her own name too this dinosaur door sign will grow with your little one for years to come.

Let's round up

As you can see there are so many different options for your little dinosaur lover, some with a sprinkle of pink, some with more neutral tones so you can be sure to find something that is just what you are looking for. If you are looking for more dinosaur decor or stationery for your little one you can shop my full dinosaur collection here.



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