Brief – To create a set of under the sea elements that can be used in various ways to make fun home - Dolly and Fred Designs

Brief – To create a set of under the sea elements that can be used in various ways to make fun home

Mood board containing a slelection of different pictuures and patterns to inspire style and colourscheme
An important place for me to start when creating a new design is to create a mood board to gather interest and start to explore what colours and patterns would be good for the finished piece.
When it comes to creating images from animals, mood boards are a great way of determining how natural or stylised you want the finished piece to look.

Let’s get drawing and designing

Once the initial research stage has been completed, its time to start drawing out elements. I always think it’s important at this point to remember I am just sketching out ideas, it’s a bit like a brain dump, some of it will be good and other bits will get left behind. I try to let my creativity start flowing and don’t think about it too much, most of the time my finished pieces look nothing like the sketch I started out with.

The finer details

I really like to keep my art as simple as possible with big bold shapes, I add in interest using textures and colours.
In this drawings I used a mixture of geometric shapes with some sweeping elements to keep the eyes engaged with the image.
Picture of a red and blue seahorse on a white background, set into a white frame with a purple wall behind it.

Creating Patterns

Once all the elements are created it’s time for me to turn them into a selection of patterns to give the client examples of how they can be used out in the world or on their products
For this sea design I created 6 different patterns, two hero patterns and four supporting patterns that can be used in a wide range of ways.
A childrens bedroom sceme showcasing various sea themed patterns including wallpaper and a blue duvet set. Also a be strong turtle print hanging on the wall.
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